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All things November…

Thursday, November 10, 2011
posted by Jill

November is a very popular month…honoring soldiers, our history and shopping deals. I’ve never seen so much thrown into just one month. We will be posting many ideas and ways to enjoy the rest of the year, so be sure to keep checking in.

Make sure to honor those fallen soldiers tomorrow, give thanks on the 24th and get great deals the 25th – 28th.

Also, is having a $100 Best Buy Gift Card Sweepstakes through the end of the year! You can go here to enter.

I hope you have fun celebrating, shopping and saving.

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Happy Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2011
posted by Jill

Happy Halloween! I thought I would give just a few gentle reminders for those that will trick or treat tonight. Granted this will not cover every possible thing, but it is a good start. The funny part about these tips are that some are still true today as they were when I was a child, the main difference being added technology for today.

1. Have a flash light or glow stick with you.
2. Maybe there is a phone app that acts like a light or you can just use your back light.
3. Examine your candy before you eat it or hand it out.
4. Have a cell phone with you.
5. Stick close to your family or friends.
6. Stay on the sidewalk.
7. Cross the street carefully…looking both ways…make sure there are no cars coming.
8. Watch where you walk…cracks in the sidewalk/driveway, Halloween effects etc.
9. Say Trick or Treat and Thank you! C’mon we all use manners, even on Halloween.
10. Keep track of your costume props or loose clothing.
11. Walk don’t run.
12. Turn your light off if you are going out or if you do not have candy/treat…nothing like a kid just waiting at your door until you answer.
13. Only have your light on if you have candy…nothing like a kid wanting candy/treat and not getting it. (see 12)
14. Dress or wear warmer clothes if the temperature calls for it.
15. Be aware of candles and other flammable items.
16. Don’t walk on the grass.
17. Don’t eat too much candy when you get home.

Does anyone have another tip to offer that I may have missed?

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Halloween Decorating

Sunday, October 16, 2011
posted by Jill

As we get closer to Halloween, I thought it might be helpful to offer up some decorating ideas that are simple and inexpensive.

The first idea is on how to make your pumpkin last from Thrifty Jinxy.

The second is an idea on how to save money with an old fashioned Halloween from Bargain Babe.

Finally, fall decorating ideas. Who says a tree can only be used for Christmas? Consumer Queen offers a great Halloween DIY project.

I hope you enjoy all three of these ideas. They are pretty original. If you have an idea that you would like to share, let me know!

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“Get Togethers”

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
posted by Jill

As we head towards the later part of the year, the party scene really starts to pick up. Everything from Halloween, to football, to other holidays. Basically, I called this part of the year the “Get Togethers”. It is the time when friends and family hang out, eat lots of great food, tell funny stories, but best of all is really just enjoy the company.

In honor of “Get Togethers”, I found a giveaway perfect for these moments. It is a David’s Cookies Party Pack giveaway from You can enter once per day/person/email. Good Luck! I hope you win and then leave a comment here about your “Get Togethers”.

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Creative Halloween Ideas

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
posted by Jill

Every year we have Halloween. And every year we try to get a “better” costume than last year, decorate “better” than the previous year, and after awhile it gets pretty hard to come up with creative ways to celebrate. Well, I have found three sites to help you with this year so it is “better” than last.

1. Frugal, Freebies and Deals. They bring a free e-book and 11 easy craft ideas. Maybe you could even expand on them to make them yours.

2. Consumer Queen. Turns Halloween cookie cutters into Halloween bird feeders. Perfect for Halloween or any holiday. Could become a tradition.

3. Motherhood Moment . Offers a non-candy Halloween treat. I am pretty sure most parents are going to appreciate this one, although I do enjoy candy. :)

What about you? Any creative ideas you would like to share for Halloween? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Finding Your Good Day

Thursday, September 29, 2011
posted by Jill

Ever notice that when you have a bad day things feel like they are moving even slower and that they keep adding up. So, you have one bad thing, then another and then another. Sometimes, it also feels like the bad day has been happening for a whole day. Like if you got a speeding ticket, even though you are at work and the ticket is sitting in your purse, you feel like the badness has spread into your day. Then, something funny happens, out of the blue, something or someone comes along and in a matter of seconds, completely wipes the “bad day” clean. How is it that the one second it takes to turn your day around, completely erases the hours of the bad day? Next thing you know, time flies, you’re having fun, and your bad day becomes a memory, which ironically you soon forget until the next one.

So, the advice I want to leave you with is that instead of focusing on the bad day, find that small thing that is going to make you move on. We spend too much time focusing on the bad. Be positive and may all your bad days last as long as it takes to make it a good day…a second!

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Parents of Parents…

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
posted by Jill

I don’t know about you, but my parents are starting to get older. I began to wonder what is going to happen to them? I don’t exactly live close by. I mean, my grandparents moved away to retire and then unfortunately passed away. I watched my parents take on everything. What about my parents? They cannot continue to work forever. At what point do they retire? What role will I play, if any, in that? Coincidentally, two other blogs are feeling the same vibe or concerned with the possible stress that can ensue.

The first is 20 Something Finance, who bring up the idea of supporting parents whom are completely negligent with their finances.

The second is Generation X Finance, who takes the approach of proactively breaching the subject now rather than dealing with it later. They even offer some tips and advice.

Both blogs offer an interesting perspective and some helpful advice. What about you? Any advice? As one heads towards retirement, how would you like your children to talk to you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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MLB Playoffs vs Football

Monday, September 26, 2011
posted by Jill

Well, the MLB playoffs are just around the corner and football is finishing up its third week. I always wondered what would be the more watched sport? I mean, baseball is America’s pastime and the season is coming to an end. On the other hand, football almost didn’t make it this year and is pretty interesting to watch. To help me make a decision I thought I would make a list, as most of you know, I do this alot!

1. I have been watching baseball and want to see it come to an end, with a champion.
2. Lots of great teams are going into the playoffs.
3. Football has action going most of the game.
4. Baseball is a little slower.
5. Lots of opinion and controversy around football. Late start. Tebow. Manning?
6. Baseball, lots of action without the contact.
7. Baseball, no half-time or time-outs.
8. Football, no pitching changes or 7th inning stretch.
9. I know more of the baseball players than football.
10. Star power across many of the MLB teams vs NFL.
11. Football parties tend to be more fun than baseball ones.

Looking at my list, I am too invested in baseball to turn it off, but I have been waiting for football to start….my choice….Baseball. What’s yours?

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Football Party On A Budget

Saturday, September 24, 2011
posted by Jill

The football season is in full swing. It almost didn’t start as many know. So, in honor of celebrating everything football, now is the time to throw a party. Of course doing this on somewhat of a budget is ideal. Here are some ways to throw a killer football party without killing your wallet.

1. Potluck – learn it, love it, use it! Yes, you are the host and you are risking your carpet and furniture for the sake of everyone else’s fun, so people shouldn’t have a problem. You can still provide great treats and drinks, but get some help from your buddies.

2. Tricking your place out with team colors is definitely more affordable than buying everything with team logos. Some places online do offer deals, like or , but you can also buy generic team colored cups, plates, etc. without spending a ton of money.

3. While beer is the drink of football, you could offer some sort of “alcoholic” punch or BYOD (Bring Your Own Drink) type of deal. I know many BBQs that involved everyone bringing something they would enjoy. Besides, you’re all friends and end up sharing anyways.

4. Opt for liters instead of cans. This way, do not have a bunch of full cans of soda sitting around and less gets wasted.

5. Maybe have some half time entertainment. Anything, like who can throw the football the farthest. Split people up man/woman. Have each group go. The winners get some sort of goody bag. This can be filled with items from a discount store. C’mon they’re not expecting something from Red Envelope for throwing a football.

These are just five small ways to have your playoff party be fun and budget friendly. What are some ways you save on sport parties?

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Advice for Living Happy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
posted by Jill

We spend so much time focusing on how to make money, save money and spend money. And for what? Why do we do this? Maybe because we have chosen a life where if you want things you need money to get them. What about discussing something a little more important…I know what is more important than money….Happiness!

I came across two blogs that talk about this very point. Being happy. There are, I am sure millions of books and websites that discuss how to be happy. I am sure I even own a few, but these two sites just brought me back to something so simple. They implement or bring happiness into their lives is such easy ways.

The first is Bargaineering, teaching your children to be happy without the help of materialism. The second site is Choosing Voluntary Simplicity, which discusses ways to be happy in our current world.

Both sites offer great and easy ways to bring a little happiness into your lives and it only costs…your time.

What are some ways you stay happy?

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